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April 13, 2016

World First’s World First Annual Gala Dinner

Shenzhen; once a village only 30 years ago, is now an 18-million-strong metropolitan, dubbed as a financial and technological hub of China. The city thrives with inland-Chinese inhabitants, all keen on living, and experiencing the adrenaline-fuelled rush into China’s Century. For the go-getter, Shenzhen is fresh; it is new, gleaming, and shiny.

Welcome to a city with a mixed personality, where a majority of residents come from distant hometowns in China. It is a city where the Manhattan-esque visage resembles anything but the historically-endowed neighbouring cities of Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong.

But every so often, one will come across the brilliant fusion between east and west, where the ancient past meets the shimmering future. It was Verve International which was the agency which brought Shenzhen to a completely different world.

Localised knowledge by the Verve agency brought the plan, production, and execution of finance goliath, World First’s annual gala dinner to a whole new and amazing level.

Verve delivered.

Staff for Success

Of course, there were hostesses; however that is the tip of the iceberg! Our agency excels in providing the most engaging and professional IHP-Certified staff.

Verve Talent sourced amazing living statues replicating Qing-Dynasty Soldiers, as well as Confucius-era scholars, fully-kitted in stunningly detailed costume, and painted in shades of metallic bronze, silver, and gold.

Stilt-walkers, adorned with Tang Zhuang robes were also a major hit with guests, as they not only provided a form of entertainment, however these staff they also assisted guests, and directed them to their relevant sectors of the venue.

One of the features of the evening was China’s revered Bian Lian performance. Characterised as a face-changing performance originating from the famed Sichuan Opera, the act proved to be a great hit with the audience, and only solidified the homage payed to ancient China throughout the annual gala dinner.

Performances also included a DJ, an ‘old-school’ magician, as well as an extremely talented emcee, whose vocal event management ensured a proper introduction for all the key moments of the event. Finally, the emcee kept guests of the event on their toes, with a stand-up comedy routine in English and in Mandarin.

Management of Cultures

The Four Seasons, Shenzhen is a pinnacle of the cosmopolitan lifestyle. And as one of the world’s leading hospitality establishments, it was an ideal setting for the World First annual gala dinner.

In order to bring quality to event management in this setting, Verve Events went about bringing the best of the old China, and fusing it with the new, frivolous China, one that only a city such as Shenzhen would truly understand.

Challenges will always be met, and our agency thrives on creativity just as much as it relies on event management. Event planning, event production, and event creation in China is something we love, and creating such an ‘old meets new’ concept, when performed right, is simply put, perfection.

We provided some of what our agency considers, our favourite performers to-date. These performers perfectly personified the rich culture of China, and united it with the brilliant and modern Middle Kingdom we live in today!


Stilt walkers with Monkey King mask and Opera mask


Stilt walkers with Monkey King mask creating dog balloon


World First’s World First Annual Gala Dinner Opening Verve Talent's MC


World First’s World First Annual Gala Dinner Opening Verve Talent's MC on stage


Magician showing his trick at World First’s World First Annual Gala Dinner Opening


Magician showing his handkerchief trick at World First’s World First Annual Gala Dinner Opening


Stilt walkers with Monkey King mask creating balloon shapes


Stilt walkers with Monkey King mask posing for photo