The Low-Cost WOW effect

Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla Marketing is a phenomenon that promotes brands, products by thought-provoking concepts in a inexpensive way. This kind of marketing relies more on creativity and low budget ideas searching for a wow effect. The campaigns are about ideas and situations, instead of the the brand of the company. The wow effect attracts people to the subject and by indirect means promotes the brand.

It is not very common to see Guerrilla Marketing campaigns in China – as in the Western World – even though it’s been proved its efficiency in terms of impact and memorability investing a low budget for its development.

At Verve International we are proud to say we are leaders providing Guerilla Marketing services to the most luxurious and important brands of the world in China.

What makes Verve International different from others?

  • We understand the Chinese Culture: as marketing experts, we understand China’s culture, consumer habits and market trends, so we can recommend you in the best way possible.
  • International team: Verve International’s team is formed by experts from different countries, where Guerrilla Marketing is a constant Marketing activity. By their fresh ideas and opinions we guarantee innovation in all our Guerrilla Marketing proposals.



Our experience

Currently Verve International has the “V-MEN attack” campaign ongoing; to show how powerful can be a well-managed Guerrilla Marketing strategy.

Its purpose is to generate Brand Awareness between our local friends (Chinese and Expats) and for that; our V-MEN are taking all over the city to make our targeted audience have fun.

The objective of this campaign is to transmit Verve International spirit as an energetic, creative and wild agency while increasing our WeChat number of followers, by making an approach with our “victim” and creating a connection with Verve International (making them have a good time with us), concluding with the call to action which in this case is scanning our WeChat QR Code.

Guerrilla Marketing in 2014 and beyond

Watch out during this 2014, because you can be the next victim of the V-MEN, and expect more from us during the 2015, we have a lot to show!