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Artists & Performers

Artists playing on stage

Professional Performers

Adding value to an events and exhibitions requires the attainment of memory, positive memory.

Performers are more than simple value addition, they serve to solidify your event by enhancing its appeal, overall, making it ever more vibrant. The vast selection of our entertainers makes us among the most capable source for professional performers in China, as well as the rest of the world. Our abilities not only concern our superior capabilities, however they also allow us to adapt to any form of event, legitimising this epic memory, something that can and will occur, any time, any place, anywhere.

Talent Pool

Verve International hosts an exemplary talent pool, and whilst we fulfil the requirements of all conventional and traditional performances, we, as a reputed China talent agency, hold great pride in being able to cater to any possible niche. Our list is extensive, and growing:

  • Dancers – Choreographed and VJ
  • Vocalists & Singers – Soprano, Tenor, Bass
  • Orchestras
  • Actors – Stage, Method, Interactive
  • Circus – Acrobats, Aerialists, Showcasing & Visual Entertainers
  • Television Actors
  • Bartenders – Diploma Level, Choreographed Mixologists, Flair Bartending
  • DJs – Shanghai to the world
  • Music Bands
  • Visual Artists – Mime, Human Statues, Human Portrayal Artists
  • Visual Impact Talent – Magicians, Fire Breathers, Sand Artists
  • Theatrical – Comedian, Keynote Entertainers
  • Costume & Makeup Artists – Character Portrayals, Stilt Artists, Doppelgangers

Feeling & Footprint

The vast array of categories and provisions offered by our Performers in China team is the tip of the iceberg. The diversity and desires by your dynamic clientele are what drive us to distribute exactly what is required to evoke the feeling and footprint that your event will provide.

Any single one of our entertainers and performers are of impeccable standard and level of professionalism. This is not only a source of pride; it’s our source of promise of the kind of deliverance which you deserved.

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