Internal Advocacy & Training Platforms

Exhibition Staffing & Value Training

BrandAndValueTraining Consistency is the key. Passion and enthusiasm with ‘gut’ knowledge of a brands values and philosophy is a crucial attribute to be attained by staff. Regrettably, many companies simply lack the time and resources to properly develop and maintain an internal advocacy and training platform. For exhibition staff to perform to their optimal ability, value training is a given, and must be taken with the upmost seriousness. Understandably, such an initiative is time consuming and may be a monumental challenge to maintain. Over time, a message may die down, through lack of observance, and a constant staff turnover.

Verve International provides dedicated, structured programmes, aimed at maintaining consistency relevant to your marketing channels, enabling your staff to abide by, and truly believe in the very values and philosophies of your brand. Exhibition staffs are essential to understanding this. Advocacy from Within is the essence of our programs. We inspire passion, enthusiasm and dynamism in your employees through our trainings, ensuring confidence and loyalty in communicating your brand.

Exhibitions are only as effective as its supporting staff, we’ll optimize them.

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Tailored Internal Trainings

“Passion for a brand starts from the inside…and works its way out.” – Anonymous There is nothing more important to a Brand’s life cycle than having an invigorated, passionate workforce behind it. Quite simply, if your staff doesn’t believe in the power and value of your brand, you are behind the game already. At Verve, our experienced and charismatic team can tailor and deliver interactive Brand Advocacy platforms that will allow your teams to not only be up to speed with brand knowledge, but also be able to cascade that information with vitality and Verve. After all, enthusiasm and confidence in your brand is contagious.

Brand Revitalization

“Your premium brand had better be delivering something special, or it’s not going to get the business.” – Warren Buffett It is important to have an outside perspective on your brand. Our professional consultations have all been highly valued by our clients, both international and domestic. Allow us to explore the world of your brand, discuss your strategy, execution and long-term plans in China and Asia. We have already been “on the ground” here for over 6 years, so why not take advantage of our expertise? Let’s discuss what is working for your brand, what is not, and then we can help to look for new, exciting ways to reinvigorate your brand and reconnect with the consumer. We make a point of always being up-to-date with the latest consumer trends across China and Asia, so that our clients have the luxury of being one step ahead at all times. Send us an enquiry and our specialist team will provide a consultation.

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