Global Staffing for Your Trade Shows


Trade fairs, product launches, brand expositions, conventions, they all encompass an integral role in the exposition of a good or service. They serve to demonstrate as well as educate, in addition to forming a solid component of the integrated marketing campaign. The notable factor in such personalised marketing, is its staff, whereby their behaviour and finesse can wholly distinguish a brand.

Across the World

Verve has the insight and the expertise in the provision of exhibition staff in exhibitions across the world. Through our base in Shanghai, China, we utilise our vast network to provide for exhibitions across Asia and the world. Our marketing team is multilingual, with intimate knowledge of the dynamic rapidly developing Chinese and Asian markets.

Enhanced Value

Staff provided by our team at Verve will provide unparalleled value to your brand through charm, charisma, knowledge, and grace. Whilst a brand has a clear objective in its positioning, it must be presented at all levels of the marketing machine. In this regard, staffs are the key to maintaining the clear and concise brand image desired. Whether your brand personality is prestigious, playful, eloquent, suave, or all of the above, there will be a personality to deliver and represent.

Trained to Perfection

Our training is dedicated and tailored to our clients’ concise requirements. We select from an extensive pool of suitable candidates before moulding them to represent your brand and its image. Whatever the desired degree of knowledge of your brand required by our talent, we will have the staffing to accommodate.

Staff in the Field

Our highly professional team are there to perform to your standards and requirements. We are available to ensure our events staff will carry out the required tasks needed. Essentially, we will be there to uphold our promise of ensuring a successful event.

Diverse Environments

We have broad knowledge in a number of fields and types of exhibitions. Therefore can provide staff for events such as, however not limited to:

  • Trade Shows and Fairs
  • Product Launches and Demonstrations
  • Galas and Dinners
  • Sporting Events and Tournaments
  •  Brand Exhibitions
  •  Fashion Shows

Unrivalled Passion

Verve International has provided for a wealth of respectable clients and brands, and prides itself on its determination in maintaining a new standard of distinction and sophistication. We are constantly improving, and are motivated through our constant successes. Our goal is build something, let’s do this together.


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