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March 14, 2016

Liquid Laundry, Your New Year’s Eve Party

Viva Las Verve! It’s the event organiser’s dream. It’s the event organiser’s greatest challenge. It’s the New Year’s Eve Party. Verve was tasked to plan, create, and execute a blow-out for one of the most hip venues in all of Shanghai. With a bit of expertise; and a lot of enthusiasm they pulled it off.

The venue, Liquid Laundry, was the setting for paying sensational homage to a party era of a distant time. The era, associated with the Sinatra, and Elvis Presley days of Viva Las Vegas, and What Happens in Vegas Forever Stays in Vegas provided the Verve Events and Verve Talent teams with a creative landscape of absolute plenty.

To plan a New Year’s Eve Party is an incredible experience, and Verve, as organiser for some of the truly unique and brilliant talent, ensured that guests were thrilled with their experience.

Outrageous, Verveacious!

Organiser of Characters

Verve asked itself the big question; how best to bring about the flavour of a massive New Year’s Eve Party bearing the likeness of the best of Las Vegas?

It isn’t about where you go, ultimately, it matters who you’re with. This is precisely why we emphasise the importance of Verve Talent, and their ability to find the best kind of staffs for this kind of production. Events like this live for distinction, and it is why the Verve Talent division found ideal personification!

The first was a brilliant twist to one of Vegas’ most special features; the Elvis Presley Impersonator. Verve Talent sourced actors from across the spectrum, and located the most eccentric actor personality to represent the King of Rock and Roll. Standing at only 1 metre-tall, he would bear the likeness of Elvis, complete with the trademark black-quiff hairstyle, white sequenced suit, platform shoes, and his famous strut.

His presence was not without the support of two Las Vegas-style showgirls, adorned with large feathers and glittery costumes, bearing a striking resemblance to those seen in The Mirage, and MGM Grand Casino. Together, they not only added immense personality to the evening, but formed a one-of-a-kind photo opportunity for the hundreds of distinguish guests at the New Year’s Eve Party.

A Production of Awesomeness

Verve Talent and Verve Events brought the night a sensational production, by bringing one of China’s most revered acrobats to perform for the hundreds of awed onlookers. The pole-based performance was a demonstration of grace, agility, and a test of human control. With this, the results were spectacular.

It doesn’t end there however, and with the night paying tribute to the glitter and charm of Las Vegas in its glory days, our creative agency teams sourced materials to construct custom gaming tables, which were used to win brilliant prizes, using specially-market tokens given to each guest of the evening. No actual money was used for the games, which were complete with a host of croupiers, who made sure to add charm to the thrill of the competition.

Throughout the night, guests were kept on their feet by Chinese celebrity DJ’s, whose music brought people well into 2016, loudly, and stunningly.


Bartender preparing drink for New Year's Eve Party, Liquid Laundry


Small Elvis and hostesses posing infront of Las Vegas backdrop with participants New Year's Eve Party, Liquid Laundry


Shanghaineses posing for picture at New Year's Eve Party, Liquid Laundry


Small Elvis Presley at New Year's Eve Party, Liquid Laundry


Beautiful girls and handsome guys at New Year's Eve Party, Liquid Laundry


DJ making a groove at New Year's Eve Party, Liquid Laundry


Performance at New Year's Eve Party, Liquid Laundry


Pole Performace at New Year's Eve Party, Liquid Laundry


New Year Countdown, Liquid Laundry


Happy People at New Year's Eve Party, Liquid Laundry


Tattoo Booth at New Year's Eve Party, Liquid Laundry