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March 8, 2016

JLL Appreciation Evening, an Full Service Event Management. Nothing Less.

Excitement is our business. And business is a-booming.How best to demonstrate the amazing achievements of a company to its partners, than through holding an appreciation gala evening. Verve Events had the privilege to plan and execute a fantastic evening of enchantment for our partners Jones Lang LaSalle in Shanghai.Situated at one of the city’s premier venues, the Pop Restaurant, at Three On The Bund; it was a setting that marked the precedent of a sensational night through integrating high-tech, culinary delights, professional staffing, and world-class performances.

It’s just another example of full service event management. It’s just another example of Verve.

Shanghai’s Bright Night

The city beamed a beautiful and stunning glow that evening. Arguably, one could say it made the task for the Verve Events teams ever-so easier. It was in fact a combination of fantastic lighting and choreographed illuminations which brought the guest to a world away from their own. It was a true evening of new perspectives!

A truly sophisticated affair in one of Shanghai’s most sophisticated restaurants requires substantial levels of service, commitment, and expertise. Our specialised teams provided a dedicated technical division, assisting in the management of lighting, displays, and the use of some of the latest cinematic-enabled drones to film the entire evening. Our service included special clearance for the use of the drones from the city authorities, giving us access to a truly stunning panorama of Shanghai.

Aside from this, our design teams were commissioned to create sophisticated backdrops bearing the likeness of the formidable JLL branding. Whilst this was a colossal task in itself, they went the extra mile to provide LED-Illuminated 3D lettering of the JLL logo, which was made to be situated on the heart of the terrace overlooking the busy riverside precinct of Shanghai, also known as The Bund.

Management of Sophistication

Promotional hostesses were tasked with assisting the star-studded, VIP crowd in directing them to different sectors of the venue, assisting in catering, as well as guiding guests in using the interactive entertainment.

Guests had the pleasure of immersing themselves in the interactive graffiti wall, which allowed users to inscribe a personalised message on top of a JLL backdrop, that they were then able to take home as a special souvenir. In addition to this, Verve Events’ creative division also programmed a digital photographic mirror with specialised brand stylings for Jones Lang LaSalle.

Verve Talent took a large role in providing a specially-choreographed live act, that symbolised the powerful branding, and helped manifest the message of the event: New Perspectives, New Opportunities. Furthermore, to really capture the event and the essence of what it represents, Verve Talent provided unique performers to intermingle with guests throughout the evening, most notably professional illusionists and entertainers.

Full service event management is a term used liberally by agencies around the world. At Verve, full service event management embodies what we do, and it’s exactly how New Perspectives, New Opportunities had become more than just a promotional production, but a real sensation.

At Verve, we make it happen.


Flower Bouquet, JLL Appreciation Evening


Verve's Hostess Ready to be serve at Photo Booth,  JLL Appreciation Evening


JLL's managers at JLL Appreciation Evening


JLL's Clients at JLL Appreciation Evening


Business near stop, JLL Appreciation Evening


Amazing Magician, JLL Appreciation Evening


Amazing Magic Trick, JLL Appreciation Evening


Bright Smile Brilliant Evening, JLL Appreciation Evening


Energetic Kungfu Performance, JLL Appreciation Evening


Modern Kungfu Performance, JLL Appreciation Evening


Smile mean a thousand words, JLL Appreciation Evening


Graphic Graffiti tryout, JLL Appreciation Evening


Graphic Graffiti "Logos Rules", JLL Appreciation Evening


Modern Fighting Kungfu Performance, JLL Appreciation Evening


Afterparty DJs, JLL Appreciation Evening


Amazing The Bund, JLL Appreciation Evening's Panorama View


Brighter than ever JLL's Light Sign, JLL Appreciation Evening