Testimonials From Our Esteemed Clients


At Verve, we have the pleasure of working with some acclaimed international brands, and have had some excellent feedback, of which we are very proud. We continue to maintain close relationships with all our clients, nurturing these unique partnerships.

Our client base is of the highest calibre, and we make sure we keep it that way. We believe that not only is it important that brands choose their partners, but that partners also choose their brands; we would have it no other way.


Some of Our Client’s Testimonials

  • “Verve really captured the essence of our brand messages, delivered in a professional and charismatic fashion. It is truly a unique proposition to have fluent Mandarin-speaking Westerners create such an intimate connection with our staff and consumer.”

    Sam Inskip, Marketing Account Manager, Mclaren F1

  • “Verve has a wealth of experience in the China/Asian region, one of the few that truly understands how to introduce a (Western) brand into the China market, understands consumer needs and has the ability to tailor the appropriate platform for success. “

    HSBC, Major International Bank

  • Verve International’s knowledge of the China market is second to none – they helped us to translate our global brand into something that made sense for Chinese consumers in different cities. They were also incredibly helpful in helping us figure out our internal training needs, and how to upskill our largely young marketing managers for success. I would highly recommend using them to navigate the complicated China market.

    Anna Look – Senior Marketing Manager – HSBC China

  • “I have used their services before and was impressed with the professionalism of their work. I briefed them on what we wanted to deliver and they came back with a platform and speaker who addressed and delivered the messages that we wanted to get across brilliantly and in a very short time frame. I will certainly use them again for related branding activities.”

    Rob Amor, Senior Managing Consultant, IBM Global Business Services

  • “Working with the brand ambassadorial staff at Verve International has been an immensely positive experience for us and the Martini brand. Built on expertise and superior experience on the part of the consultation team, Verve has been able to recognise our requirements and provide tailored service accordingly.

    The advocacy platform for our brand was well-prepared and in line with our company objectives. Verve organised sophisticated tasting challenges, branding education initiatives, as well as a series of high quality Masterclasses.

    The icing on the cake was the brand ambassador, who with such a level of enthusiasm and professionalism brought forward the spirit of Martini itself.”

    Jasmin Ljumic, Regional APAC Travel Retail Manager, Martini

  • “The British Consulate General in Guangzhou made use of Verve Talent in a variety of events throughout the years. With these events catering to some of our corporate and government clients, we were more than pleased at the level of professionalism and personality delivered by this dedicated staff.

    It was sheer understanding of our clients’ needs which made our events flawless. Verve made this possible through organisational skills and competence, which we haven’t yet witnessed in other companies.”

    Brian Davidson, British Consul General, Shanghai

  • “Verve International made use of capable, multilingual staff for a number of Bacardi brands throughout China and Asia. Our product launches, and activations flourished, with Verve Staff being able to represent us down to a T.

    Not only were we able to properly represent the Bacardi brand, we easily bridged cultural gaps, which we attribute to the diverse and well-informed brand ambassadors from Verve. Truly fantastic.”

    Harold Dyrvik, President, Bacardi Asia Pacific

  • “Working with Verve International was a real pleasure. Their understanding of the market space and the way in which they provided strategic advice was second-to-none and really enabled us to facilitate meaningful change across our business to great effect and ultimately, results. I fully recommend Verve.”

    Luke Organ, Director, Sales & Marketing, Asia Pacific Women’s Tennis Association

  • “A fantastic decision was hiring the brand ambassador team to carry out the brand training, consultancy, as well as the ambassadorial role. The brand ambassador projected Dewar’s image through charisma and booming personality in both English and Mandarin.

    Verve has provided value in propelling our brand, and has achieved this in their own unique way. We’re enthusiastic about continuing working with this amazing team again!”

    Walter Sun, Marketing Manager, Dewar’s Scotch Whisky