Creating an Unforgettable Event

Event Management China

A successful attribute of an event management in China is this; it must present a continuous and consistent image throughout all methods of your marketing. In this regard, your brands’ events and exhibitions in China are in no way an exception. Our dedicated China event management team will be involved in all stages of your event campaign; from planning and research, to strategy, to its very execution and success. Verve International is an agency China has waited for, and we’re here to bring standards like no other!

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Why Verve International For Event Management

So what is your need? Are you looking for a team to put together an eye-catching and very top-of-the-line booth design for your exhibition? Are you looking for us to do some pre-event “buzz” marketing to set the market alight with your latest brand strategy or launch? We will put our excellent marketing team completely at your disposal, leaving your own team free to handle other tasks. We can handle it all for you – ideations, brainstorming, activations and executions.

Verve is China Event Management

Our agency has a proven track record of successful event management in China, in addition to the entire Greater Asia region. Our event planning teams will provide, according to your exact requirements. Additionally, we boast our talent pool of International, as well as China promotional staff, with intricate knowledge of this unique market. Our experience and professionalism of event staffing in China delivers a crucial element to complement your integrated marketing operations.

Event Staffing

Your brand presents a concrete and precise message; it must have exhibition staff and promotional staff to match. Our China promotional staff team is at the helm to complement, promote, and propel your brand. With our extensive portfolio of diverse local and international talent, we have the key to providing your precise needs.


Immaculate Execution

The logistics behind events management are simplified through immaculate competencies and organisational skills. At Verve International; Galas, Expos, Product Launches, Charity Balls, or any unique spectacle, is within our scope of creative prowess.

Deliverance is seamless and guaranteed to satisfy even the most time and resource-demanding projects.

Throughout the events management process, the client can expect only the highest quality event from their agency. We carefully examine requirements, adhering exactly to specific parameters, and marketing objectives. First and foremost, throughout the planning process, we communicate regularly.

In essence, our philosophy encompasses memorable, impeccable events, serving to satisfy; regardless of the intended message. Our provisions include entertainment of every calibre, whether it be; performers, artists, models, hostesses, interpreters, amongst all others.

Our China Event Management team taps into a unique creative acumen, making use of a worldwide base of staff, expo talent, and agency professionals. We believe in event management; however we believe it starts at creation.