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December 21, 2015

Chi Fan for Charity, Fun-raising a Fundraising Event

An amazing cause and an amazing production! Chi Fan for Charity was a delight for Verve to provide volunteer entertainment staff.Verve had the honour of contributing for the Good Agency Asia, organisers of Chi Fan for Charity, a hugely noble fundraiser which takes place in Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong. This gallant cause reinvents the typical charity fundraising event, by encouraging the cities’ top dining establishments to contribute to a collection of causes, aimed primarily at assisting disadvantaged youths in China through sustainable outreach, providing them with skills to enhance their employability.

The Shanghai instalment of the famous evening, on November 15, 2015, consisted of a collection of various restaurants in the city, selling set-menu dinners at respective venues, and donating all proceeds to the cause’s designated charities. This would then follow the after-party, whereby all guests from their respective restaurants would converge at famed art gallery Island6, in Shanghai’s reputed M50 Art Complex.

Epic Causes, Epic Staff

Verve events staff entertained and amazed! Our Morphsuits greeted guests at the front of the venue, providing them a fantastic photo opportunity with some of our less-than-conventional characters. Armed with their photo frame, they were definitely a surprising addition to the guests’ evening, with an abundant amount of photos taken, and plenty of amazing first impressions given to people entering this whimsical fundraising event.

Our Verve-Men never ceased to entertain. Through our brand of unique interactive entertainment, we were able to provide a highly-professional, albeit quirky service to the organisers of Chi Fan for Charity, and deliver interactive entertainment to all guests.

It’s certainly a special brand of spectacular staffing, with Verve-Men becoming a very unique an ever-popular feature in the Verve collection of Talent and staff. And whilst our staff can cater to any production, our agency is never short of opportunities to showcase our unique and surprising options for talented individuals! Essentially, it’s the strength of Verve Talent & staff that make us the leading staffing agency in China.

Verve International has provided its famous Verve-Men for Chi Fan for Charity in the past, as well as a vast collection of other high-profile fundraising events. Our most recent prominent fundraising event had been the famous Marriott Black-Tie Gala Dinner, for the Marriott Yao Foundation, in Shanghai, in autumn of 2015.

Plan, Deliver, Amaze!

The team at Verve is always excited to embark on a variety of fantastic projects. No matter what the production, our agency will provide exceptional staff and event management. It is precisely why our events management teams have provided for some of the most high-profile events across Shanghai, Beijing, and cities across China.

Working with the Good Agency Asia, the organisers behind the famous Chi Fan for Charity fundraising event is an especially virtuous cause to contribute to. With such a brilliant spectacle, our agency was especially humbled to provide its famous Verve-Men to entertain guests.

Verve International wishes all the greatest success to Chi Fan for Charity, and its associated charities.


Girls on the dance floor at Chi Fan for Charity


Attendees looking at anonymous auction items, Chi Fan for Charity


Attendee taking with photoframe holding by Verveman, Chi Fan for Charity


Female attendees posing in front of Chi Fan for Charity backdrop


Attendees taking photo with photoframe holding by Vervemen, Chi Fan for Charity


Attendees posing in front of Chi Fan for Charity backdrop


Attendees with summer dress posing in front of Chi Fan for Charity backdrop


Chi Fan for Charity's staffs having group photo in front of event backdrop


Attendees enjoying themselves at Chi Fan for Charity


Attendees laughing while being taking photo in front of backdrop, Chi Fan for Charity