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December 16, 2015

6 Hours of Promotional Marketing Staffs by Verve

Shanghai event agencies sometimes have some of the finest tasks available. Imagine the sensation of the event management industry, when given the task to provide hostesses and promotional models for the 6 Hours of Shanghai. Its events staffing by Verve.

Le Mans is known as the flagship endurance race of the world, and is the kick-off for the World Endurance Championship, a racing tournament testing the abilities and stamina on some of the world’s most famous racing circuits.

If you’re familiar with the famous 24-hour Le Mans endurance race, then you’ll be equally as familiar with the Formula 1. These famous racing events are organised by none-other than the Federation Internationale d’Automobile, also known as the FIA.

3, 2, 1, Verve!

The Verve International agency has had the pleasure of working with the FIA on a number of high-profile sporting events Shanghai residents have come to enjoy, as well as a number of sporting events China wide.

In some of the most intense racing in the world, the crowds of racing fans can be just as testing as the drivers, and their notoriously difficult racing circuits. The World Endurance Championship is a world-class automobile racing event, held at a world-class racing circuit, and supported with world-class promotional marketing, to match. In this regard, the promotional hostesses present at this event must be equal in that tier of quality.

The 6 Hours of Shanghai organising team from the FIA WEC has, as a result of these aforementioned high standards, opted to work with Verve, and take advantage of our prowess as a respectable Shanghai agency with reputable proficiency in promotional marketing.

Through using our promotional staffing and hostesses, that weekend was enhanced through charisma, energy, and an unbridled enthusiasm throughout the entire WEC event. Promotional hostesses were in abundance, ready to interact with fans by engaging them in a survey of the event, as well as provide souvenir giveaways.

Hostesses to Wow You

Shanghai is one of the world’s truly global cities. And just as events and exhibitions should reflect on this fact by employing world-class standards in its organisation and staffing, it is imperative these standards are just as commonplace throughout major sporting events taking place in the city.

In this aspect, promotional marketing efforts should be made to be sensational, particularly if the event is being broadcast around the world, raising exposure, however also raising potential scrutiny.

It is for this reason, that hostesses, models, and all promotional staff at such events are trained, and properly screened, so as to most-effectively reflect on the prestige and gravitas of the event being represented.

Verve has provided staffing support for some of the world’s most significant sporting events, many of which had travelled through Shanghai, and many other major cities of the world. As an events agency with prior experience in staffing equally high-calibre events, we find that prior experience is one of our strong suits.

The World Endurance Championship is a sporting event of global outreach, prestige, and honour. To participate in such an event is a privilege, one in which Verve holds an infinitely immeasurable amount of pride.


Anthony Davidson hugging staffs on score annoucing, 6 Hours of Shanghai


FIA WEC Booth 6 Hours of Shanghai 2015 Season


6 Hours of Shanghai Attendees sitting on simulator racing seat


Promotional marketing staffs by Verve International at 6 Hours of Shanghai 2015


Promotional marketing staff by Verve International at 6 Hours of Shanghai 2015


Promotional marketing staffs, by Verve International, holding poster at 6 Hours of Shanghai 2015


Verve's Promotional Staff at FIA WEC Booth, 6 Hours of Shanghai 2015 Season